Dock Leveller price at Navidock. Dock Leveler is a type of industrial lifting floor specialized in logistics work. The lifting platform has the ability to automatically adjust the lifting and lowering in many different positions to connect the container floor or different freight vehicles with the warehouse floor / safe receiving area. Let’s learn more about Dock Leveler and Dock leveler prices through the following articles:

Product Attributes

  • Brand: Navidock.
  • Warranty service: 1 year.
  • After-sale service: Online technical support, free spare parts, return and replacement.
  • Main material: steel.
  • Technical solution capabilities: Graphic design, 3d model design, Total solution for projects.
  • Application scenario: Warehouse, Workshop.

  • Design style: Modern.
  • Origin: Vietnam.
  • Form: Made to order.
  • Diverse types: Dock Leveler, Scissor lift table, Mobile Yard Ramp…
  • Dock material: stainless steel, steel.
  • Dock Type: Hydraulic Dock Leveler.
  • Dock color options: blue, black, gray…

Supply Ability & Additional Information

  • Packaging: export standar wooden box.
  • Productivity: 500 sets/month.
  • Shipping unit: Sea Light Logistics, Bach Viet…
  • Place of Origin: Viet Nam.
  • Supply Ability: 500sets/month.
  • Payment Type: Pay 50=50 or depending on the order.
  • Incoterm: incoterms depends on the order amount.

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units: Set/Sets.

Package Type: export standar wooden box.

1. Dock Leveler Navidock

Dock Leveler is an indispensable device in production and assembly factories with regular and continuous import frequency. This is a device that connects the floor of the container or different freight vehicles with the floor of the warehouse/receiving area. Has a maximum load capacity of 6000 kg – 10000 kg. Support to move goods from the warehouse to the trunk (and vice versa) safely, efficiently and with high productivity. In addition, it also helps businesses save time – labor and increase safety when moving goods.

Dock Leveler is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, the surface of the steel plate will have a pattern to help prevent slipping. Support the factory to connect securely, operate reliably under all the effects of harsh weather conditions.

With solid structure and quick and accurate operation along with semi-automatic control mechanism and many outstanding advantages compared to the manual method of transporting porters and lowering goods by human force from the container to the warehouse. Dock Leveler is a solution to attract auto subcontracting factories across the country.

Hydraulic dock leveler Navidock

2. Dock Leveller Cost

Dock Leveler has different loads, lifting heights, and lifting floors, the prices are also different. For example, a 6-ton Dock Leveler will cost more than a 3-ton Dock Leveler.

Is Double Hydraulic Dock leveler? Is it imported or locally manufactured? With imported goods from Japan and Germany, the price will be 2-3 times higher than domestic.

You need a detailed quote of Dock leveler, come to Navidock exclusive brand in Saigon Nam Phat, customers will be consulted, provide solutions and manufacture Dock leveler on demand with optimal price. You just need to provide:

  • Dock leveler drawings and specifications. (If)
  • Load of Dock leveler.
  • Color if customer wishes.
  • Quantily.
  • And especially Customer name, company name, phone number, shipping address, email (if any).

A team of consultants will be ready to assist in sending a detailed quotation to avoid losing customers’ time while immediately owning quality products at competitive prices.

3. Dock Leveller Installation

Dock Leveller Installation

To properly install the Dock Leveler requires 3 main steps:

  • Step 1: Build and complete the Dock pit

Build and finish the Dock pit in accordance with the selected Dock size. Cover the V iron frame around the edge of the pit. Construction of underground electrical system (For Hydraulic Dock Leveler).

  • Step 2: Put the Dock into the installation position

Use a forklift or a crane to put the Dock into the Dock pit. Depending on the mounting terrain, the Dock can be placed vertically or horizontally.

For the Hydraulic Dock Leveler, check and prepare the power lines, place them in a suitable position to connect to the Dock.

  • Step 3: Solder the Dock to the Dock hole

Weld the edge of the Dock frame to the V-shaped panel of the Dock hole. Then, check the welds for sure and ensure aesthetics. Finally, check for vibration and safety when operating the Dock.

Photo realistic:

Hydraulic dock leveler Navidock
Dock Leveler price at Navidock
Dock leveler Navidock at Warehouse

4. Dock Leveller Brands

In order to catch up with the 4.0 technology era, Navidock not only builds a team of highly specialized human resources, we have not hesitated to invest in modern machines such as welding robots, bending machines, CNC lathes, etc. Absolutely safe products, meeting European quality standards.

Referring to Navidock, customers will not be able to ignore the lifting equipment system here, especially the Dock leveler that always sells out every month. Navidock is ready to advise, provide free solutions, and manufacture products according to available specifications of customers. Ensure timely output and progress of works and projects.

In addition, Navidock also provides transportation and installation services at home and abroad with a safe and fast warranty and periodic maintenance policy. In addition to Dock Leveler, your business can search for lifting equipment by Scissor lift table, Mobile Yard Ramp… at Navidock.

Currently, Navidock’s products are present in domestic and foreign regions through factories and production workshops in large industrial zones. You can rest assured when choosing to accompany us!

If you have any questions about the product, you can contact us via our Hotline number or fill out the registration form with a team of consultants present and prompt support.

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