Navidock is the exclusive brand of Sai Gon Nam Phat Groups specializing in manufacturing and providing solutions: Lifting equipment, equipment to control environmental conditions in the process of importing and exporting goods such as: Dock Leveller, Mobile Yard Ramp, Lift Table, Dock Seal, Dock Shelter, Dock House, Dock Plates, Dock Boards…

With the motto “ACCEPTANCE – CONFRONTATION – INNOVATION” Navidock has gradually learned, improved and improved the production process to improve difficulties that foreign products do not meet the criteria of the factory, customers about: Control factors (security, temperature environment, insects …); Safety factor; Fire protection; Food safety and hygiene… assist customers to complete the rigorous criteria and set sizes.

Since then, we have launched product lines that meet Vietnamese brands, meet European quality standards and design and manufacture services according to customers’ requirements. Therefore, Navidock has been conquering domestic and foreign customers through large and small projects.

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Creating customers’ trust in service quality and service style, reputation on work schedule, always punctuality and compliance with commitments in the working process.



We are constantly creating value for our customers. Improve knowledge, skills and improve the lives of employees. Compliance with the law, benefit the community.



Working under a closed process, ensuring the schedule according to the plan, building a professional working environment, creating development for the employees.



Navidock constantly innovating thinking in line with modern development trends, further improving the features and quality of products, meeting all customer requirements.



Building internal solidarity from high to low, from top to bottom, from the inside out always brings credibility to the employees, the chain of distribution systems and agents.



We build a transparent and honest foundation. Trust with customers, partners, investors is maintained throughout the development of the company.


With the motto “Prestige, quality comes with quantity”, Navidock has always improved its personnels, equipped with modern machines and equipment to provide quality products and optimal solutions to the market. For that reason, Navidock’s annual production output is constantly increasing to meet the timely needs and desires of domestic and foreign customers.



Our factory is up to 5,000 square meters



Engineers, technical operator, mechanics, warehouse…



Welding robot, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, powder coating system…



Annual output over 2,000 products


Dock includes static weight and Loading weight. Static weightis when there is do not lift goods, typically 13-18 tons, while loading is during lifting. Navidock side has a type of Dock with loading capacity of 6, 8, 10 tons. For special type, please send detailed request information, which unit, then Navidock will quote and produce.

The two similar products help to reduce heat loss, help reduce collision when the container truck backs up to pick up goods and unload goods.

Motorized inflatable dock shelter, pumpable air, increased tightness. The Dock shelter does not have a motor, but a cover. In addition, Navidock also has a type of Dock Seal, like a Dock Shelter but better, instead of a cover, it is a stacked rubber.

At Navidock, there are two popular types of Dock chosen for installation: hydraulic dock leveler, mechanical dock leveler. Before mounting the Dock, the Dock pit must be constructed first.

There is also a mini Dock type. Mini Dock type is not installed under the pit but installed on the loading platform, load bearing lighter load.

Different in the way of operation, the hydraulic dock leveler has electricity, is more automated, the mechanic does not need electricity and must exert external forces to lift and lower the dock.

Usually the Dock is available without the dust-reducing bezel. If you have request for dust reduction, Navidock will flexibly do it for you.

Currently all of my warranty period is 1 year (and in that Navidock has a warranty terms attached)

Navidock’s products are 100% domestically manufactured Navidock.